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In this section you can create your own cup tournament. Single match, double match, odd, triangle and more..

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If you have already created an online tournament with us, here you can edit it, add results and the next round will be updated immediately. If there is no winner, the penalty shootout option will be enabled so you can decide who was the winner from the fateful point.

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Here you can see the tournaments that other users have created or want to explore among hundreds of real professional tournaments like padel, soccer, football or any other.

After the success of our league manager, we now launch our own program to create tournaments, with which you can create your own football cups, tennis, video game tournaments, basketball or whatever you want. Creating an online tournament has never been so easy and, above all, free!

Select the name of the tournament, the number of participants and their names and all the matches from the tournament will be generated randomly. In addition, if our tournament creator is characterized by something, it is that if you decide to place an odd number of teams or if you select a different set of teams to the sequence (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ...) we will automatically generate a round previous based on triangular and eliminatory after which the rest of the rounds of the tournament will be generated.

Program to create free tournaments

In addition, we are working hard on creating the stages of groups so that, if you wish, you can play your own Champions League, your own World Cup or your Libertadores cup. However, as long as that does not happen you can always create the groups at and then create the cup with the teams that have qualified.

So now you know, if you were looking for a page to create free football tournaments, and you want to organize a tournament for you and all your friends to enjoy, then you have come to the right place. Do not miss the next options we are working on such as the creation of players, the simulator of matches, championships of all kinds of competitions and much more. Enjoy for free the advantages of our tournament and cup manager.

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