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In this section you can create your own league or tournament on our website, add the teams, the badges, league schedule generator and much more.

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If you have already created an online league or tournament with us, here you can edit it, add results and the classification, the results table and many other statistics will be updated immediately.

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If you want to see the leagues or tournaments that other users have created or want to explore among hundreds of real professional leagues, you can find them by clicking here.

Manage your Football League with us. We offer you the best statistics that you can view on our website. Tables of results, classifications day by day, only locals or only visitors and much more.

Edit your team information, generate automatic schedule, modify them to your taste and share the page quickly and easily.

Creating a football league has never been so easy. Thanks to you will be able to organize tournaments of the king sport with great ease. You just have to register on our website and you can start entering the name of the teams, the rules of the game (if you want a two or three point system) if you want the tiebreaker system to be due to a particular match or difference of goals, etc.

Now that you have everything ready, you will see how the soccer schedule for your league is automatically generated, so you will only have to insert the results of each day and you will see the updated classification immediately. is a fast, easy and intuitive web page that will allow you to take full control of the leagues you have created. It does not matter if they are real or fictitious leagues, if they are virtual in games like Fifa, Pro and any other also if it is a professional or amateur league.

Have you ever been in front of a classification and wanted to know what exactly the defeats of a team have been? Or have you been curious to see the games your team has won away from home? It is very complicated to have to watch the days one by one to get the answer, however, thanks to our website, Crear Liga, you will be able to obtain that information with just a click in the corresponding field of the classification.

Sort the classification by locals or by visitors, see the evolution of the classification day by day, see the table of results, know the exact number of times a result has occurred, what is the most repeated result, see the over and under of goals that interest you the most, know the number of times an exact number of goals that have been produced ... There is no statistic that we do not have on our website.

That is why we are the best tool for all those who want to manage a football league and want to forget about complicated Excel documents that cost a lot to update and where the information is hardly accessible. Go ahead and try our league manager, it's completely free!

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